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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

‘together inspiring communities’ 

This statement of intent has been drawn up by the Board of Directors of the Multi-Academy Trust.

i-Trust Education has the highest level of aspiration for all our pupils and aims to provide them with a a world-class education by:
• Being at the heart of and involved with each Academies community.
• Inspiring all to achieve their full potential and to reach for the highest possible standards in all they do.
• Building knowledge, skills and experiences, which prepare children for a rapidly changing world in which lifelong learning is essential for success.
• Providing warm, caring and nurturing environments, where all members feel valued, safe and secure; developing self-esteem, mutual respect and tolerance. 

i-Trust Education is committed to improving academic standards and developing community cohesion in all learning communities we are privileged enough to work with.

i-Trust Education will work closely and creatively with all our partners to ensure that all Academies become good or outstanding with the aim of becoming world-class. We recognise that when adding new Academies into the Trust we need to be sensitive in our approach with a focus on collaborative working. We are confident that a high level of trust can be established very quickly and that we can build upon the positive momentum already in evidence within the Trust.

We want each Academy to maintain its own identity for the special community that it serves. By working together we strive to create Academies that children, parents and colleagues are proud to be a part of.

i-Trust Education, as a sponsor, embraces partnership working and School-to-School support and has relished the new freedoms to innovate that the Education Act 2016 has opened up. We are keen to share our learning and learn from others in this regard so that we can all achieve greater things. 

Working in a collaborative way we believe that we will all benefit by:
• Developing a collaborative approach to learning.
• Supporting a  commitment to leadership development and succession planning.
• Providing a clear approach to CPD.
• Sharing expertise, resources and best practice within the Trust.
• Developing a clear strategy for school improvement.
• Maintaining the integrity of each Academy’s Local Governing Body underpinned by a clear scheme of delegation and accountability at all levels.
•Obtaining best value through group procurement and adopting efficient back office processes.

Moral Purpose:
Children get one chance and i-Trust Education will ensure that this will be the best available for all children within the Trust. This strong moral purpose is central to the Trust and is the major driver. We will endeavour to standardise procedures where possible but would like each individual Academy to maintain their own identity. We will create an effective participative learning community across the Trust so that all children can reach their full potential. 

i-Trust Education will:
• Place people first.
• Provide high quality, inclusive support to meet the needs of every child.
• Have positive behaviour policies which are implemented consistently by all colleagues.
• Have a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.
• Rely on strong and positive leadership from all levels of management, including Governance.
• Create a positive, orderly and inclusive atmosphere and ethos, characterised by shared aims and values.
• Provide career development opportunities for all colleagues.
• Constantly strive to raise attainment and progress across the Trust.
• Implement a rigorous appraisal / performance management policy.
• Maximise the effectiveness of resource management across the Trust.
• Continue to be at the cutting edge of technology.
• Continuously develop tracking and data analysis across the Trust.
• Develop an inspiring approach to the delivery of the curriculum.
• Create environments which are vibrant, supportive and welcoming.
• Have colleagues who are passionate about all children’s successes.
• Develop a strong pupil voice.
• Place a high priority on the health and well-being of all.
• Have high levels of parental partnership. 

Overall i-Trust Education has created a distinctive educational community where high quality provision meets the needs of all.

i-Trust Education Governance: 
An Executive Board of trustees has overall strategic responsibility and ultimate accountability for all of the Academies within the Trust. In Sponsor Academy situations, the Executive Board will oversee the Local Governance until standards begin to improve and maintained. 

The Members of the Trust role is to hold the trustees to account. The Members have the power to appoint and remove trustees and will review the make-up of The Executive Board on a regular basis.  This will ensure that the Board remains diverse and impartial with the most effective skills set. 

The Executive Board will have a clear focus on standards of attainment and that all Academy partners contribute to the Trusts strategic direction – we will all benefit from this partnership working. 

The Executive Board will continuously review leadership capacity from each Academy working with the Operational Management Board.